HU-HEALTH 鳕鱼肝油(500 mg 160 粒软胶囊)
HU-HEALTH 鳕鱼肝油(500 mg 160 粒软胶囊)

HU-HEALTH 鳕鱼肝油(500 mg 160 粒软胶囊)

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本产品鳕鱼肝油(Cod Liver Oil)取自挪威深海中的鳕鱼肝,既富含维他命A和D,又含有丰富的Ω3脂肪酸,同时具有鱼油和鱼肝油二者的功效,有"液体黄金"的美称。






Harvested from fish that populate the glacial waters of Norway, Cod Liver Oil is a rich and natural source of vitamins A and D. Vitamin A is necessary for growth, eye health, nerve and immune function. Vitamin A also helps maintain vision and skin health. Vitamin D also has numerous health benefits. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium and plays a key role in proper bone development.

As the name suggests, Cod Liver Oil is extracted from the liver of cod fish. Cod Liver Oil also contains EPA and DHA, the essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are important for heart and brain health and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. However, unlike other oils, Cod Liver Oil contains less saturated fat.

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